Craft Directory - Arts & Crafts Search Engine and Directory

YoY-search a web portal with ten types of search

Design - Free Mosaic designs Information about Fashion Design, Interior Design, Landscape Design, Web Design

Glass Patterns Quarterly - #1 Leading International Glass Patterns Magazine

Arizona Bead Company - On line bead company

Rio Grande - Supplier for everything you need for creating, manufacturing and displaying fine jewelry

Spectrum Glass - Manufacturer of products for architecture, kilnforming and other glassworking arts.  Glass includes baroque, waterglass and other textures.

Wissmach Glass - Manufactuers of glass for all glassworking arts.  Glass includes wispy, opalescent, cathedral, seeded along with other textures.

Ceramic Industry Magazine - The exclusive global voice of ceramic & glass businesses and manufacturing.

Craft Site Directory - Your guide to arts and crafts on the Internet.

Cambria County -  The complete online guide to the Cambria County area, with accommodation, real estate, business and local information.

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